Ewing Lusk: New and Old Tools and Programming Models for High-Performance Computing

Monday, October 1st, 9:15

Abstract. The computing power to be made available to applications in the coming years continues to increase.  Hardware vendors anticipate many cores on single chips and fast networks connecting them, enabling a bewildering array of new approaches to parallel programming whose superiority to "classical" approaches (MPI) remains uncertain.  One certainty is that application developers will need tools that promote understanding of their parallel codes.  In this talk we will review a number of approaches to application development, from Fortran77+MPI to the relatively exotic DARPA "high productivity" languages, together with a sampling of tools, both new and old, that aid programmers in application development.

   About the author. Ewing Lusk is Director of the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory. His research interests are in portable parallel-programming libraries, performance visualization, and automated theorem proving. He was a member of the MPI Forum from the beginning and played a leading role in the MPI-2 standardization process. He is one of the designers of MPICH and is a co-author of the books "Using MPI", "Using MPI-2", and "MPI - The Complete Reference: Volume 2, the MPI-2 Extensions".


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