Technical Program

The schedule of the technical program is available. 

Session "Fault Tolerance"
  (monday, 10:00)

  • Fault tolerant file models for MPI-IO parallel file systems
        Alejandro Calderon, Felix Garcia-Carballeira, Florin Isaila, Rainer Keller, Alexander Schulz
  • Low Cost Self-healing in MPI Applications
        Jacques Silva, Vinod Rebello

Session "Collective Operations"
  (monday, 10:00)

  • A Case for Standard Non-Blocking Collective Operations
        Richard Graham, Torsten Hoefler, Prabhanjan Kambadur, Galen Shipman, Andrew Lumsdaine
  • Optimization of collective communications in HeteroMPI
        Alexey Lastovetsky, Maureen O'Flynn, Vladimir Rychkov

Session "Message Passing on Hierarchical Machines and Grids"
  (monday, 11:20)

  • MetaLoRaS: A Re-Scheduling and Prediction MetaScheduler for Non-Dedicated Multiclusters
        Josep Lluis Lerida, Francesc Solsona, Francesc Gine, Mauricio Hanzich, Jose Ramon Garcia, Porfidio Hernandez
  • Improving MPI support for applications on hierarchically distributed resources
        Raul Lopez Lozano, Christian Perez, Stephane Lanteri
  • Using CMT in SCTP-based MPI to exploit multiple interfaces in cluster nodes
        Brad Penoff, Mike Tsai, Janardhan Iyengar, Alan Wagner

Session "MPI-I/O"
  (monday, 11:20)

  • Analysis of the MPI-IO Optimization Levels
        Julian Kunkel, Stephan Krempel, Michael Kuhn, Christian Lohse, Thomas Ludwig
  • Transparent Log-Based Data Storage in MPI-IO Applications
        Dries Kimpe, Rob Ross, Stefan Vandewalle, Stefaan Poedts
  • Extending the MPI-2 Generalized Request Interface
        Robert Latham, Robert Ross, Rajeev Thakur, William Gropp

Session "Outstanding Papers" (part 1)
  (monday, 14:45)

  • Full Bandwidth Broadcast, Reduction and Scan with only two Trees
        Peter Sanders, Jochen Speck, Jesper Larsson Traff
  • Process Cooperation in Multiple Message Broadcast
        Bin Jia

Session "Outstanding Papers" (part 2)
  (monday, 16:15)

Session "Verification and Tests of MPI Programs"
  (tuesday, 11:45)

  • A Virtual Test Environment for MPI Development: Quick Answers to Many Small Questions
        Wolfgang Schnerring, Christian Kauhaus, Dietmar Fey
  • An Extensible Framework for Distributed Testing of MPI Implementations
        Joshua Hursey, Ethan Mallove, Jeffrey Squyres, Andrew Lumsdaine

Session "Applications" (part 1)
  (tuesday, 14:45)

  • An Improved MPI Parallel XSL-FO Rendering for Personalized Documents
        Luiz Gustavo Fernandes, Thiago Nunes, Mateus Raeder, Fabio Giannetti, Alexis Cabeda, Guilherme Bedin
  • Multithreaded Tomographic Reconstruction
        Jose Antonio Alvarez Bermejo, Javier Roca Piera, Jose Jesus Fernandez Rodriguez
  • Performance analysis and tuning of the XNS CFD solver on BlueGene/L
        Brian Wylie, Markus Geimer, Mike Nicolai, Markus Probst

Session "Applications" (part 2)
  (wednesday, 16:10)

  • ParaLEX: A Parallel Extension for the CPLEX Mixed Integer Optimizer
        Yuji Shinano, Tetsuya Fujie
  • Parallelizing Dense Linear Algebra Operations
        Antonio J. Dorta, José M. Badia, Enrique S. Quintana-Orti , Francisco de Sande
  • (Sync|Async)+ MPI Search Engines
        Mauricio Marin, Veronica Gil-Costa

Session "One-Sided" (part 1)
  (tuesday, 11:45)

  • RDMA in the SiCortex Cluster Systems
        Lawrence Stewart, David Gingold, Jud Leonard, Peter Watkins
  • Revealing the Performance of MPI RMA Implementations
        William Gropp, Rajeev Thakur

Session "One-Sided" (part 2)
  (wednesday, 10:00)

  • MPI-2 One Sided Usage and Implementation for Read Modify Write operations: A case study with HPCC
        Gopalakrishnan Santhanaraman, Sundeep Narravula, Amith Mamidala, Dhabaleswar Panda
  • Analysis of Implementation Options for MPI-2 One-Sided
        Brian Barrett, Galen Shipman, Andrew Lumsdaine

Session "Verification of Message Passing Programs"
  (tuesday, 14:45)

  • Verification of Halting Properties for Nonblocking MPI Programs
        Stephen Siegel, George Avrunin
  • Correctness debugging of message passing programs using model verification techniques
        Robert Lovas, Peter Kacsuk
  • Practical Model Checking Method for Verifying Correctness of MPI Programs
        Salman Pervez, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Robert Kirby, Robert Palmer, Rajeev Thakur, William Gropp

Session "PVM & Harness"
  (wednesday, 10:00)

  • Distributed Real-Time Computing with Harness
        Christian Di Biagio, Emanuele Di Saverio, Marco Cesati, Christian Engelmann, Guido Pennella
  • Frequent Itemset Mining with Trie Data Structure and Parallel Execution with PVM
        Levent Guner, Pinar Senkul

Session "Tools"
  (wednesday, 11:20)

  • Deterministic Replay Debbuging for MPI Applications
        Aurelien Bouteiller, George Bosilca, Jack Dongarra
  • Extended MPICC to Generate MPI Derived Datatypes from C Datatypes Automatically
        Eric Renault
  • Timestamp Synchronization for Event Traces of Large-Scale Message-Passing Applications
        Daniel Becker, Rolf Rabenseifner, Felix Wolf

Session "Library Internals"
  (wednesday, 16:10)

  • Improving Reactivity and Communication Overlap in MPI using a Generic I/O Manager
        Francois Trahay, Alexandre Denis, Olivier Aumage, Raymond Namyst
  • Investigations on InfiniBand: Efficient Network Buffer Utilization at Scale
        Galen Shipman, Ron Brightwell, Jeffrey Squyres, Brian Barrett, Gil Bloch
  • An Evaluation of Open MPI's Matching Transport Layer on the Cray XT
        Richard Graham, Ron Brightwell, Brian Barrett, George Bosilca, Jelena Pjesivac-Grbovic

Session "ParSIM"
  (wednesday, 11:20)

  • Gyrokinetic semi-Lagrangian parallel simulation using a hybrid OpenMP/MPI programming
        Guillaume Latu, Nicolas Crouseilles, Virginie Grandgirard, Eric Sonnendrücker
  • Automatic Parallelization of Object Oriented Models Executed with Inline Solver
        Håkan Lundvall, Peter Fritzson
  • 3D Parallel Elastodynamic Modeling of Large Subduction Earthquakes
        Eduardo Cabrera, Mario Chavez, Raúl Madariaga, Narciso Perea, Marco Frisenda

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