Special Session of EuroPVM/MPI 2007

Current Trends in Numerical Simulation for Parallel Engineering Environments New Directions and Work-in-Progress

September 30th - October 3rd, Paris, France



In today's world, the use of parallel programming and architectures is essential for simulating practical problems in engineering and related disciplines. Remarkable progress in CPU architecture (multi- and manycore, SMT, transactional memory, virtualization support, etc.), system scalability, and interconnect technology continues to provide new opportunities, as well as new challenges for both system architects and software developers. These trends are paralleled by progress in parallel algorithms, simulation techniques, and software integration from multiple disciplines.

This 6th special session is intended to provide a discussion forum for scientists from both application disciplines and computer science in order to foster closer cooperations. In contrast to traditional conferences, emphasis is put on the presentation of up-to-date results with a short turn-around time, which can also include the presentation of work-in-progress with only partial results available at the time of submission. Authors are also encouraged to present new projects and/or ideas. Since its successful introduction in 2002, ParSim has established itself as an integral part of the EuroPVM/MPI conference series. EuroPVM/MPI, with its long tradition as one of the European prime events in parallel computation, serves as an ideal host for ParSim and will thus enable participants to present and discuss their work within the scope of both ParSim and EuroPVM/MPI.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Real-world problems from electrical, mechanical, civil, or medical engineering requiring parallel simulation techniques
  • Scalability of large-scale parallel simulations
  • Software techniques to optimize parallel simulations
  • Problem solving environments for parallel simulation problems
  • Mathematical aspects for parallel simulation approaches
  • Impact of new architectures (e.g., multicore, multithreading, low power) on parallel simulation

Papers describing practical and/or industry experience are especially encouraged.

Author instructions:

Authors are invited to submit either extended abstracts of at most 4 pages or full papers with at most 8 pages (PDF format in LNCS style as described on the conference web site). Submissions should illustrate new and innovative directions in the area of parallel simulation techniques in engineering environments. All submissions should be sent directly through the EuroPVM/MPI07 page. Accepted papers will be published in the EuroPVM/MPI proceedings and can be up to 8 pages long. Accepted contributions are expected to be presented by one of the authors at ParSim07, and participants must register for EuroPVM/MPI at http://pvmmpi07.lri.fr/home.html. Publication: Accepted papers will be published in the EuroPVM/MPI proceedings as part of Springer's LNCS series. Accepted contributions are expected to be presented by one of the authors at EuroPVM/MPI 2007 during the ParSim session.

Session Organizers:

Carsten Trinitis Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany
Email: Carsten.Trinitis@cs.tum.edu
WWW: http://www.lrr.cs.tum.edu/~trinitic/

Martin Schulz Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory , USA
Email: schulzm@llnl.gov
WWW: http://www.llnl.gov/casc/people/schulz/


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